Father of the Bride Wedding Speech – Basics of Fabulous Father of the Bride Speeches and Toasts

Are your palms getting sweaty? Is your throat getting dry? Is your heart pounding fast and loud like a marching band? Maybe you’re about to present that extra important father of the bride wedding speech and toast!

I’m not truly being exaggerated here, when I portray what most fathers of upcoming brides experience when they think about facing a crowd. But more importantly, I want to concentrate on what must be covered so that all troubles related to father of the bride wedding speeches and toasts will be removed. Here are some guidelines that I hope you will find helpful.

What to Remember About Excellent Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Presentation


  • By tradition, the father of the most important lady in the event is the first one who delivers a speech. For that matter, it’s just proper to welcome everybody present and appreciate them for being in this very rare gathering.
  • Happily welcome your new son-in-law, along with all of his household, as one of your own.
  • Tell your daughter how great she looks, how lovely the festivity is, and how magnificent it is that she has finally joined with the man of her dreams.
  • Offer carefully selected paternal advice to both your daughter and your son-in-law, the bridegroom. Say your your best wishes, also.
  • Recommend a toast for all to follow suit towards the welfare of the newly-weds.


  • Avoid filling up your speech with all those parental counsel which you can think of. Use your creative juices to get straight to the point, and you may pick out a great wedding quote or two to easily achieve this.
  • As much as possible, do not even seek to just have a single shot of alcoholic drink before rendering your special message. There is time for that.

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