Wedding Singers – 5 Top Tips For Choosing the Right One For Your Wedding

Entertainment is a very important part of anyone’s Wedding and if you are thinking about hiring aWedding Singer you want to make sure you have picked the right one!

There are many things you can do to make sure you are looking forward to the performance of yourWedding Singer rather than worrying about if they are going to be any good.

So… first things first!

Your search will most probably start with a quick tap into Google or another search engine, lets try:‘Wedding Singers’

Lets also make sure you opt for UK results only, unless of course you want to fly someone in or are getting married abroad.

You are now faced with dozens of pages full of potential wedding singers and a lot of them claiming to be the best!

The truth is none of them are the best…or the worst, it all comes down to YOUR interpretation of a good Wedding Singer.

Next we must make a list, 5, 10, 20 or even 50 if you have the time to look and listen to that many, then I would advise marking them out of 10 on the following 5 headings…..

1: Their Website & Demo’s

These are vital to picking the right Wedding Singer, they are the shop window the individual is using to entice you into using them over another Wedding Singer, not to mention good advertising means they care about their product and therefore care about you!

The website does not have to be super flash or over the top, but it should be clear, easy to navigate around, have a selection of pictures and provide you with the information you are looking for in one of two clicks.

The average Wedding Singer will have 4 or 5 recorded demos for you to listen to, they should sound natural and not have to many effects on them, most people can sound ok in a studio after lots of modifications, you want to know they can sing just as good live!

Unless you have already heard them sing live, move on to the next Wedding Singer if they don’t have any demos, you wouldn’t buy a car from a dealer who had an empty show room, it’s the same principal.

2: Attitude

How do they answer the phone? Are they polite? Do you get an instant feeling this a friendly person who is grateful for your call and really wants your business? No matter how good their demo is, you want to ask yourself, is this the person I want entertaining all of my guests and who I want to give my money too?

This is YOUR BIG DAY and whoever you choose should be privileged you are even enquiring! this will be displayed by a good attitude over the phone or in person.

3: Price

I cannot give you the ‘exact price’ you should be paying for a Professional Wedding Singer, no one can, but we can look at the averages.

When I recently researched prices I found some charging £250 and some charging £1000, the average charged around £600.

Professional Wedding Singers are not like the acts you see in pubs on a weekly basis, this is their ‘business’ and as we all know it can costs a lot to run your own business.

4: Response Time & Professionalism Of Quote

Although you may have chatted about prices over the phone, make sure you ask for it in writing.

A professional Wedding Singer will send dozens of quotes out each month so it should be no trouble, unless they give you a good enough reason, you should receive an email within 24 hours or a letter within 48 hours.

Any Wedding Singer who takes their occupation seriously, should be clear with their quote and explain exactly what it includes.

A nice starting touch, acknowledges your enquiry and thanks you for your interest.

Your quote should include the arrival time the price is based on, how long it will take to set up and sound check, the performance length (2 x 1 hour sets is the average) and the finish time the price covers you up to.

Your quote should also explain what happens between the sets, will their be any music playing or will you have book alternative entertainment, like a DJ?

Most professional Wedding Singers should provide recorded CD music between the sets to maintain a good atmosphere, but some may offer a DJ service where you can make requests, it is normal for this service to cost extra.

If they offer it, your quote should also include a price for an earlier arrival, longer or extra sets and an extended finish time.

The quote should also explain if this includes the PA, musical equipment, speakers & lights. Most professional Wedding Singers will quote you for a self contained performance, meaning you wont have to book or hire any other equipment.

Some other vital information which should be explained is what you or your venue will need to supply to make sure they can do their job to the very best standard.

It is normal for a Wedding Singer to have a ‘rider’ (a rider is a list of things the client must agree to provide for the artist to perform which when used properly, is looking out for YOUR best interests) or a list of basic requirements.

This may include…

The size of the performance area and plug sockets needed.

Hospitality requirements, it is normal to be asked to supply a room to get changed in and leave valuables and be conformably based when not performing.

It is also normal to be asked to supply soft drinks and a basic meal.

Some Wedding Singers requirements may at first glance appear to be unnecessary and a little DIVA-ISH! so if you are unsure about something just ask, they should be happy to explain anything which is unclear and their reasons for needing them, don’t leave it until the night and just think it is not important because it may be vital to the performance!

5: Previous Clients Comments & Seeing The Artist Live

If you have been lucky enough to see a particular Wedding Singer live this is a real bonus, but this is not always possible and you should not be put off booking them if this is not possible.

The job of a Wedding Singer is of course… to sing at weddings… and they can’t just invite anyone to come along and watch.

Because of the costs involved, it is not normal to see these performers in your local pub and they can often be in different parts of the country from one performance to the next.

If you have enjoyed chatting to them over the phone, their quote has been clear and you like the demo, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is very unlikely they fall at the last hurdle and can’t actually do the job very well on the night.

However if you still need convincing further than take a look at what previous clients have said about them and do not be afraid to ask to speak to some of them.

If they cannot do that at the very least a long list on testimonials (preferably with names, dates and locations) should be no trouble to show you.

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